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Prof. Ariel Darvasi

Department of Genetics
Institute of Life Sciences,
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Givat Ram, Jerusalem 91904
Email: arield@cc.huji.ac.il
Ph: 02-658-4303
Fax: 02-567-1179

Prof. Darvasi, received his PhD from the Hebrew University in 1994 and subsequently did a post doctorate at Universite de Paris V. Following that, Prof. Darvasi held a visiting position at the Jackson Laboratory. Prior to his return to Israel, Prof. Darvasi served as Associate Director of Human Genetics and Head of Statistical Genetics at SmithKline Beecham in the UK. Upon his return to Israel in 1999 he founded IDgene Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and joined The Hebrew University as a Faculty member. During the past decade Prof. Darvasi has developed and implemented leading experimental strategies for the identification of genes affecting complex traits in model organisms and humans.

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