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Professor Marshall Devor

born: Jan. 8, 1949 (Toronto, Canada)
Department for Cell and Animal Biology
Institute of Life Sciences, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Jerusalem 91904, Israel
Email: marshlu@vms.huji.ac.il
Tel. +972 2 6585085
Fax: +972 2 6586027

Prof. Devor is a laboratory head and chairman of the Department of Cell and Animal Biology at the Institute of Life Sciences, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His higher education was at Princeton University and M.I.T., and he is a former postdoctoral fellow of Prof. P.D. Wall. He has contributed considerably to our understanding of the neurobiological basis of neuropathic pain. His laboratory has published extensively in the pain field, with work of a notably integrative nature involving neurophysiology, neuroanatomy (light and EM), genetics and animal behavior.

Sample of recent research publications:

Lu J, Sherman D, Devor M, Saper CB. A putative flip-flop switch for control of REM sleep. Nature. 441 (2006) 589-594. [highlighted by Faculty of 1000 as Factor 3.0]

Sukhotinsky I, Zalkind V, Lu J, Hopkins DA, Saper CB, Devor M. Neural pathways associated with loss of consciousness caused by intracerebral microinjection of GABAA -active anesthetics. European Journal of Neuroscience 25 (2007) 1417 - 1436.

Reiner K, Sukhotinsky, I, Devor M. Mesopontine tegmental anesthesia area projects independently to the rostromedial medulla and to the spinal cord. Neuroscience 146 (2007) 1355-1370.

Devor M. Pain, cortex, and consciousness. Behavioral and Brain Science 30 (2007) 89- 90.

Lefler Y, Arzi A, Reiner K, Sukhotinsky I, Devor M. Bulbospinal neurons of the rat rostromedial medulla are highly collateralized. Journal of Comparative Neurology, 506 (2008) 960-978.

Reiner K., Sukhotinsky I. and Devor M. Bulbospinal neurons implicated in mesopontine induced anesthesia are highly collateralized. Journal of Comparative Neurology. 508 (2008) 418-436.

Kovalsky Y, Amir R, Devor M. Subthreshold oscillations facilitate neuropathic spike discharge by overcoming membrane accommodation. Experimental Neurology 210 (2008) 194-206.

Persson A-K, Gebauer M, Jordan S, Metz-Weidmann C, Schulte AM, Schneider H-C, Ding-Pfennigdorff D, Thun J, Xu X-J, Wiesenfeld-Hallin Z, Darvai A, Fried K, Devor M. Correlational Analysis for Identifying Genes Whose Regulation Contributes to Chronic Neuropathic Pain. Molecular Pain, 5 (2009) 7. [highlighted by Faculty of 1000 as "must read"]

Devor M. Ectopic discharge in A? afferents as a source of neuropathic pain. Experimental Brain Research, 196 (2009)115-128.

Abulafia R., Zalkind V. and Devor M. Cerebral activity during the anesthesia-like state induced by mesopontine microinjection of pentobarbital. Journal of Neuroscience, 29 (2009) 7053-64.

Kovalsky Y, Amir R, Devor M. Simulation in sensory neurons reveals a key role for delayed Na+ current in subthreshold oscillations and ectopic discharge: implications for neuropathic pain. Journal of Neurophysiology 103 (2009) 1430-42.

Nissenbaum J, Devor M, Seltzer Z, Gebauer M, Michaelis M, Tal M, Dorfman R, Abitbul-Yarkoni M, Lu Y, Elahipanah T, delCanho S, Minert A, Fried K, Persson A-K, Shpigler H, Shabo E, Yakir B, Pisante A, Darvasi A. Susceptibility to chronic pain following nerve injury is genetically affected by CACNG2. Genome Research, 20 (2010)1180-1190.

Devor M. Peripheral Nerve Generators of Neuropathic Pain. In: Emerging Strategies for the Treatment of Neuropathic Pain, edited by Campbell, J.N., Basbaum, A.I., Dray, A. Dubner, R. Dworkin, R.H., Sang, C.N. Seattle, IASP Press, (2006) pp. 37-68.

Devor, M. Central changes after peripheral nerve injury. in: Wm. Willis and R. Schmidt eds. Encyclopedia of Pain, Springer-Verlag, (2007) pp. 306-311.

Devor, M. Pathophysiology of Nerve Injury in: Handbook of Clinical Neurology, 3rd series, vol. 81, Pain. F. Cervero and T.S. Jensen eds. Elsevier pp. 261-276 (2006).

Tal M., Devor M. Anatomy and neurophysiology of orofacial pain Chapter 2: in Orofacial Pain and Headache, Y. Sharav and R. Benouliel eds. Blackwell, (2008) pp. 19-44.

Devor, M. Consciousness and pain. In: Science of Pain, Edited by Basbaum A, Bushnell C, Julius D. Elsevier, (2010) in press.

Genotype-selective phenotypic switch in primary afferent neurons contributes to neuropathic pain.
Nitzan-Luques A, Devor M, Tal M. Pain. 2011 Oct;152(10):2413-26.

The paradox of pain from tooth pulp: low-threshold "algoneurons"?
Fried K, Sessle BJ, Devor M.
Pain. 2011 Dec;152(12):2685-9.

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