Prof. Eliad Davidson (Pain medicine)

elyad davidson
Davidson (Pain medicine)
Department of Anesthesia
Faculty of Dental Medicine
Hadassah Medical Center Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Prof. Davidson is the Director of the pain relief unit in Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center. He completed his anesthesiology residency in Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center and earned higher education in pain practice and research in the University of Texas-Houston School of Medicine (2 years Herman hospital) and in the University of Miami School of Medicine (1 year Jackson Memorial). Prof. Davidson was a board member of the Israeli Pain Association and is the current president of IASP.  He is involved in educating the medical community and public regarding pain management.

Research Interest

1. Local anesthetics and Liposomal long acting local anesthetics.
2. Genetic Polymorphism of the mu opioid receptor.
3. Effect of Neuroaxial Injections on MR Imaging. Studies comparing spinal MRI prior vs MRI following epidural injections in patients treated for low back pain or after epidural infusions.
4. Use of Medical Cannabis- preclinical and clinical research.
5. Patient Safety

Recent Publications:

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Ginosar Y, Weiniger CF, Kurz V, Babchenko A, Nitzan M and Davidson EM. (2009) Sympathectomy-mediated vasodilatation: a randomized concentration ranging study of epidural bupivacaine. Can J Anesth 56(3): 213-21. 

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