Florella Magora

Professor Florella Magora

Florella Magora

Department of Anesthesia Hadassah Medical Center
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Ein Kerem, Jerusalem 91120
Phone: +972 2-563-3199 , Fax: +972 2-643-4434



Prof. Magora is a former senior member of the Dept. of Anesthesiology and Head of the Pain Management Clinic, Hadassah University Hospital, Jerusalem. Higher education in the field of pain was as postdoctoral fellow of Pierre et Marie Curie Paris VI University (Dr. D. Albe Fessard ) and University of Washington, Seattle ( Dr. J. Bonica ). She contributed to introduce and develop the interdisciplinary approach in the treatment and study of pain and complications of spasticity in Israel. Interest and research publications were centered on search for specific analgesic procedures, pain assessment methods and the effects of new drugs for improvement of pain control and for understanding the mechanism of the pain process. Current interest: pain of urogenital origin.

Recent publications:

Florella Magora. Procedural Sedation .Letter to the Editor . Israel Med Assoc J 2005; 7: 129.

Florella Magora. Historical data on the neuraxial administration of opioids.Letter to the Editor . Eurrop. J Anaesth 2004; 21: 1

Fllorella Magora. Training in Urogenital Pain Management . Urogenital Pain in Clinical Practice A.Baranowski, P.Abrams, M. Fall Eds. Taylor& Francis Books INC. New York (in print)

F Florella Magora , Sarale Cohen , Mara Shohina , Ehud Dayan :Virtual Reality Immersion Method of Distraction in the Control of Experimental Ischemic Pain . IMAJ ( in print).