Galit Almoznino

Galit Almoznino

Department of Oral Medicine
Faculty of Dental Medicine, Hadassah Medical Center
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel 91120
Phone: +972 2-677-6140 , Fax: +972 2-644-7919



Dr. Almoznino serves as the head of the Orofacial Sensory Clinic and as a lecturer at the Hebrew University. She is the president of the Israel Society of Oral Medicine (ISOM) and a member of the Israeli Board of Oral Medicine, scientific council of the Israeli Dental association and a member of the Board of examiners in Oral Medicine Specialty in Israel. Graduate of Hebrew University (DMD and M.Sc. degrees) and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (M.H.A).

Sample of recent research publications:

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