Yaron Haviv (Pain medicine)

Yaron Haviv (Pain medicine)

Haviv (Pain medicine)
Department of Oral Medicine
Faculty of Dental Medicine, Hadassah Medical Center
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel 91120
Phone: +972-2-677-6140 / +972-52-6125076


Dr. Haviv is a dentist, an Oral medicine specialist and a PhD in Biochemistry and genetics. He serves as the head of the Orofacial Pain Clinic in the Oral Medicine department in Hadassah and as a lecturer at the Hebrew University. He is a member of the Israeli society of Oral Medicine, Scientific board of the Orofacial Pain and Dental Sleep Dentistry of the Oral Medicine society and a member of the Board of examiners in Oral Medicine Specialty in Israel. Graduate of Hebrew University.

Sample of recent research publications:

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Haviv Y, Bachar G, Aframian DJ, Almoznino G, Michaeli E, Benoliel R. A 2-year mean follow-up of oral appliance therapy for severe obstructive sleep apnea: a cohort study. Oral Dis. 2015 Apr;21(3):386-92.

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